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Middleweight (weight around 1,100 lbs.)
Medium shape
Subconvex profile throughout the body (with rounded outlines the silhouette of which can be fitted into a square).

Medium, to be measured at the withers with a measuring stick at 6 years of age
Average height females: 1.55 meters {15.1 h.h.}
Average height males: 1.6 meters {15.3 h.h.}

Preferred colors are grey and bay.

Noble, generous, ardent, always gentle and able to support duress.

Agile, elevated forward, smooth and having a great facility to carry the rider in comfort.

Natural ability for concentration, great disposition for High School work, courage and enthusiasm for the gineta exercises (combat, hunting, bullfighting, cattle work).

Well proportioned, medium length, narrow, dry
Lower Jaw not too pronounced, cheek is inclined to be long.
Profile slightly sub-convex with the forehead in advanced of the orbital arches.
Eyes are almond shaped, big, lively, expressive and confident.
Ears are medium length, fine, narrow, expressive.

Of medium length, arched with a narrow hairline
Neck is deep in the base and well inserted between the shoulders, rising up from the withers without any convexity.

Withers are well defined and long with a smooth transition from the back to the neck.
Always higher than the croup.

Chest is medium size, deep and muscular.

Ribcage is well developed, long and deep with the ribs obliquely arched into the join with the spinal column which promotes a short and full flank.

Shoulders are long, slanting, well muscled.

Back well defined and tending towards the horizontal making a smooth union between withers and loins.

Loins short, wide, muscular, slightly convex, well connected with the back and croup with which they form a continuous harmonius line.

Croup strong and rounded, well balanced, slightly slanting, the length and width should be of identical proportions, the profile convex and harmonious with the point of hip relatively unobtrusive, giving the croup a transverse section of eliptical shape.
Tail emerges from the same line as the croup, being of long, silky and abundant hair.

- Forelegs are well muscled and harmoniously inclined.
- Upper arm straight and muscular
- Knees dry and wide
- Cannons are long and dry with well defined tendons
- Fetlocks are dry, relatively large, with very little hair
- Pasterns are long and sloping
- Hooves are strong, of good conformation and proportion, not very wide and the coronet not very visible.
- Buttocks short and convex
- Thigh is muscular, relatively short, oriented such that the patella is directlty vertical from the point of hip.
- Leg is somewhat long, the point of the hock directly vertical from the point of the buttocks.
- Hocks are large, strong and dry.
- The hind legs have relatively closed angles.

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